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Why Hire Us?

Designers and architects generally do not have hands-on construction experience. Builders are usually not experienced in design. While both aspects of the design-build process are very important to the project as a whole, it is not common to have extensive experience in both fields. This is one of the biggest benefits of working with Steven Joseph Design.

I have both a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture from the University of Michigan and a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Pennsylvania. My work experience in architecture includes working at a major architecture firm in Chicago, as well as several smaller architecture firms.

My construction experience includes working as a carpenter for many years where I learned how to build and renovate homes from the ground up. I have been directly involved with every aspect of residential construction and have worked along side all building trades during the process. I later became a General Contractor and my overall construction experience grew further. This experience has given me a huge advantage as a designer because I can anticipate many of the issues that come up during the design and construction processes.

Another benefit of working with Steven Joseph Design is the extensive variety of projects that I have been involved with both on the design side as well as the construction side. I have worked on many historic renovations, which prove to be some of the most challenging projects, as they require the seamless melding of very old and new construction systems. In addition, I have had the opportunity to be both designer and builder on many projects, applying all my skills through the entire process. This has been some of my most successful and rewarding work.

My approach to residential design is to provide great looking design that fits within my client’s budget. I utilize my full skill set on every project, so that the end product is completed to a high level of resolution. I work directly with General Contractors on many projects which allows for a more efficient transition from my design to their construction. Having a working relationship with builders during the planning stage can greatly reduce costs in the long run.