Our Process


Initial Meeting
  • We get to know each other
  • We talk about your project and what your needs are
  • I discuss who I am and how I work
  • We summarize what design issues I will be working on


Proposal is created
  • I begin work on a proposal based on initial meeting results
  • Proposal includes:
  • A summary of scope of work to be performed
  • Listing of deliverables: sketches, drawings, modeling
  • Design Services Agreement
  • An estimate of my fees given as a range


Surveying and base drawings
  • I come to your house and take measurements of the existing structure
  • From survey notes, CAD drawings of existing structure are created.  These are the basis of all design to be completed as well as the start of the construction drawings


Design begins
  • I start working on basic design concepts taking care to not get too far along without getting feedback from the client
  • Sketches and 3-D modeling are used to aide in representing design concepts
  • First design meeting takes place to review initial design.  We will discuss the schematic design and make refinements as necessary.  Client feedback is very important at this point in the process


Design is further refined
  • Design is further refined based on input from meetings
  • Use of sketches and modeling transitions to more detailed CAD drawings
  • Additional design meetings to get client feedback and approval take place until design is finalized
  • Other design related items are addressed such as:
  • Cabinetry design and detailing
  • Lighting and electrical design
  • Plumbing and electrical fixture selections


Final drawings are created
  • Design drawings are finalized.  Plans, elevations, and construction details are drawn on computer.  These drawings are to scale and accurately reflect the design. These drawings are the basis of the drawings that will be used for estimating and permitting.


General Contractor begins estimating process
  • Once the contractor’s estimate is completed and approved, final drawings required for a construction permit are created.  Construction details needed by the builder are also completed at this point.
  • Revisions to drawings are made as necessary based on feedback from Contractor.


Final plans are submitted for Building Permit


Construction begins!
  • Steven Joseph Design may be hired to provide Construction Management to ensure that the integrity of the design is being maintained.