Steven Joseph
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About Steven Joseph

I have always been fascinated by how things are put together.  Growing up in the cold Buffalo, New York winters with my family, I spent plenty of time putting together airplane and car models, and taking apart household appliances.  In high school, my parents moved into a new townhouse where I was able to watch the entire construction process and my interest in home design and construction began.

After attending college at the University of Michigan, I moved to Chicago and worked at a large architecture firm where I was exposed to design and construction of a much larger scale.

Graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia further enhanced my experience as a designer.  After school, I worked for a small architecture firm, but when an opportunity arose for me to learn how to build houses, I took a job as a carpenter.  It has always been important for me to understand how things work, and just knowing how to design wasn’t fulfilling enough.

After moving to Chapel Hill in 1996 I continued to work as a carpenter.  While working for a General Contractor in Hillsborough, I had an opportunity to design an addition and also be one of the carpenters who built it.  This was a pivotal point in my career and was the culminations of many years of experience in different fields.  It was extremely fulfilling to create something on paper and then participate in the construction of what I had designed.

I later became a general contractor and built many more projects that I also designed.

I am currently studying the martial of To-shin Do at the Chapel Hill Quest Center and hope to have my first-degree black this year.  Spending time outdoors is a big part of my life.  I enjoy running, camping, backpacking, fishing, and having campfires with friends.  Although I am not currently flying, I do have my Private Pilot license and hope to return to the sky at some point.

I live in a small house with my wife Kaity, son Lewis, and our tuxedo cat, Henry.